Eco-responsible charter

Today more than ever, ethics and eco-responsibility have become major and structuring issues for all companies. The field of sport is no exception to this approach of good conduct and must be exemplary in the face of excesses and nonsense putting the athlete and the planet in danger. This virtuous approach to making the world of sport responsible for major societal challenges is also favorably supported by a large part of the public.
In this context, this new discipline of cycling on snow, having won unanimous support from the intense National FFC (French Cycling Federation) and International UCI (Union Cycling International), strongly affirms a broader ethical and eco-responsible approach, where the values ​​that structure us, namely respect, trust and exemplarity through a global vision Man - Planet will receive from everyone the attention it deserves.

It is indeed essential that all the events that we will organize in a natural area already well impacted by tourism, are carried out with the greatest transparency by all athletes, organizer and partners.

This approach is ambitious, but as the founder of this discipline, (Eric Barone), I am convinced that it will strengthen the reputation of these new kinds of events and that together we will be able to create the conditions for sustainable and responsible growth offering a great image of this discipline which one day could be at the Olympic Games.